Saturday, December 1, 2012

How To Get Your Dog To Stop Barking At Guests

Barking. The natural doggy alarm system to alert you to danger, even when it's an unwanted alert. 

It's not that your dog wants to annoy you but he wants to alert the pack to a possible danger. It is a natural instinct of your domesticated best friend and you should know nature isn't easy to change!

When your intruder comes into the door of your home the last thing you want is for them to greet the dog and excite them more.

Everyone should ignore the dog until it is calm and not barking. Try facing away from the dog.

This method can also work when your dog is doing something you do not want it to do.
Examples including: jumping up on you, barking, and biting/chewing on your clothing.

(However, if your dog is chewing something he shouldn't be, correct by removing the item and giving the dog the correct toy to chew on)

Once the dog has quieted he may be greeted. Do not allow for your guests to greet the dog with excitement.

Do not allow them to 'Goo Goo Ga Ga' over your best friend or scream "OMG WHAT A CUTE DOGGIE OMG!"

This will excite the dog and make the barking continue.

Always make sure that your dog has enough attention and play time.
Destructive behaviors come from boredom and anxiety!

If you feel your dog may be suffering from boredom look into a doggy day care or a local dog park. Socialization for your dog between other dogs is very important and makes for a happy fur baby!

Thanks for reading and I will see you Wednesday with a new animal educational video.
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