Sunday, December 2, 2012

Grumpy Cat On The Today Show

The cat known as 'Grumpy Cat' on the internet was featured on The Today Show this morning for a depressing interview...or so we would think.

It all began when Brian his owner started posting pictures of Tartar Sauce who was later deemed 'Grumpy Cat' onto Reddit. The Reddit community loved the pictures and went wild with them!

His owners think that the people online think it's so cute that she looks so grump that a person just can't help but be happy! It was stated that Tartar Sauce isn't grumpy at all, in fact Tartar Sauce is a very docile kitty who purrs all the time and loves to be petted!

Due to popular demand the family became to sell merchandise of Ms Grumpy Cat and is donating part of their revenue to charities.

They have made two different donations one to an animal shelter in Arizona and another in Washington.

Don't let the fakes fool you! I have the real links to Tartar Sauce's fan pages so please check them out.

I enjoyed watching Tartar Sauce's family's interview and will look forward to more meme's from this beautiful fur baby!

© Faris Jaclyn I Littlest Pet Shop Photography

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