Friday, December 14, 2012

Feeding Dogs Table Scraps & People Food

Does your dog lack some table manners? 

Chances are if you're feeding table scraps to your dog it will lead to your dog feel more dominant!
Which can cause behavior problems because your dog feels more like the pack leader!

Dogs should be fed after your family's meal in their own bowl with their own food away from the table.

Carrots, bananas, apples, canned pumpkin & (in small amounts of) peanut butter should be given as a treat, but not at the table. 

Giving your dog table scraps can cause GI upsets and obesity. Dogs can begin to prefer human food to their own food which can cause an unhealthy diet since people food does not have all the correct nutrients a healthy dog needs!

In one of my previous videos I mentioned that as a special treat on holidays such as Thanksgiving if you really wish to give your dog some turkey you may, the instructions are in the video at 4:15. 

(In a nut shell: With Turkey, make sure all bones and skin are removed, The white chicken is chopped into pieces and added to the dog's own food bowl mixed with the dog's regular food.)

As much as you probably want to give your dog everything to make it happy...Avoid table scraps. Begging can and will become an annoying life long habit. 

If you gave in long ago to giving your dog people food the first step in breaking the begging habit is to
stop giving your dog people food. For now on your dog will never, ever, get people food from you again. When your dog begs tell him no and ignore him.

Other options:
 Crating your dog during meals.
Giving him his own dog food meal at the same time as your family's meal.

Thanks so much for reading I will have a new post tomorrow and a new video on my Youtube channel on Wednesday!
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