Monday, December 17, 2012

Dogs Years versus People Years

People sometimes speak to me in Dog Years like it's some kind of extremely important code and adding seven years is going to give me more insight to what the dog's age is really like.

In the Veterinary world we do not use dog years, we just use the age of the pet.

Dogs have a much higher metabolism than people. They breathe faster, their heart beats faster, and their body temperature is higher.
All of this is because your dog's life span is shorter than a human's life span.

Most people use +7 years to generate a Dog Years equation which isn't really accurate.

If you insist on still using Dog Years, then here is a chart from The Merck/Merial Manual For Pet Health (Home Edition) a book I highly recommend.
(Chapter 1, 3, Table 2 Dog Years versus People Years)

Dog Years             People Years
6 to 12 Months              10 to 15 Years
12 to 18 Months            15 to 20 Years
18 to 24 Months            20 to 24 Years
4 Years                             32 Years
6 Years                             40 Years
8 Years                             48 Years
10 to 12 Years               56 to 64 Years
13 to 14 Years               68 to 72 Years
15 to 20 Years               76 to 96 Years

1 dog year equals about 10 to 12 human years for the first two years of life then four human years per dog year after that.

Honestly, it's complicated so going by the actual age of the dog and remember in your mind the life stages and when they occur will probably be much easier.

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The information in this article was brought to you by The Merck/Merial Manual for Pet Health (Home Edition) (c) 2007.

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