Friday, December 21, 2012

DIY Giving your dog a bath

Dogs and cats naturally bathe themselves. Only bathe your cat or dog when absolutely necessary so you do not dry out their skin.

Here's a clip of me washing Tim Deegan's dog when I was at ApprenticeEh!

In this post I explain the easy how to's that you may not know when bathing your pet!

Steps to Bathing Your Pooch
  • Brush the fur out to get rid of tangles and debris.
  • Remove any collars (As long as you're in a tub inside or have control of the dog outside).
  • Place cotton balls in the dog's ears to prevent water from getting inside of them.
  • Wet the fur with water.
  • Apply a dab of shampoo in your arm and lather it into the fur (Less is better).
  • Make sure to be extra sensitive with their face. Use a damp cloth with a small amount of shampoo to clean it.
  • Make sure to rinse ALL the shampoo out, otherwise it will cause irritation.
  • Most dogs will not need a conditioner. However if your dog tangles easily use a conditioner listed below.
  • Make sure to rinse all products out completely by checking the lower belly, legs, and end with the back.
  • Towel your dog off, then use another dry towel to help remove remaining water.
  • If your dog will allow use a hair blow dryer, but make sure it isn't too hot!!! Remember to move the hair dryer around to prevent pain from the heat. To prevent your dog from getting hurt you can put the hair dryer on room temperature air.
  • Remove the cotton balls and continue to make sure the dog is warm and drying completely. Once dried place the collar back on the dog.

Oatmeal Pet Shampoo: Helps moisturize and relieves irritated skin.
Johnson Baby Shampoo: Extremely gentle and no harsh chemicals.

Johnson's No More Tangles Shampoo + Conditioner
Jason Kids Only! Daily Detangling Conditioner

Blast from the past! This video is super old but I give a very helpful tip when choosing a cheap pet shampoo!!

*Non scented baby shampoo can be used with rabbits and guinea pigs as well.

But mommy I'm scared!
If your pet is fearful of bathroom go slow. Allow the dog to sniff and get used to all the items before using them. Give your pet a treat after to let them know they did a great job! Use lots of praise and encouragement!

Thanks for so much reading I will see you all with a post tomorrow and a video every Wednesday!

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