Friday, November 30, 2012

Video Blogging 101

So, you want to start making Youtube video blogs or you're just curious with what all the fuss is about?!

Well here's some answers to your questions...

How do you make money with video blogging?
A person makes money making videos through Google's Adsense program. This puts ads next to the video. They also can pre roll before or after the video plays.

For every 1000 video views a 'vlogger' (video blogger) gets on a video, they make $1-4 dollars through the Adsense program. This is called your CPM.

Every time a person clicks on the ad the vlogger receives some coins as well.

There are Networks that can sign vloggers to have a higher CPM through giving the vlogger access to bigger and better ad's.

Networks such as, Maker Studios, Fullscreen, and Big Frame.
There are more but here are some examples.

There are also special deals a video blogger can do such as brand deals.
Brand deals can included,
1. A paid video endorsing a product
2. Sending the product to the vlogger to review for their audience.

Sounds like something you'd like to begin?

Here are a couple tips,

Create videos about something you're really passionate about and educated on. If you start to make videos about something just because it's going to get views, you will lose drive and content to create videos with.
Make sure your videos are short! 1-3 minutes is ideal.

Be consistent, make sure to tell your audience when to expect the next video
(Weekly is best. Example: Check back every Wednesday for a new video!)

Be very personal with your audience, talk to the camera like it's your best friend standing next to you. The beauty of Youtube is that it's very personal with the audience.

Which reminds me, respond to comments as much as you can!
If you're passionate about a subject like me, you'll want to answer all the questions that they comment on.

Create social media sites for your vlog such as a Facebook like page, twitter, blog, and instragram.

If you're into vlogging blogging isn't too hard to get into, however I'm still pretty new at it. :)

As always I will see you guys with a new video on my Youtube channel every Wednesday!
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