Thursday, November 29, 2012

Are Pet Vaccinations Important?

About a month ago I was waiting at the airport where I was talking to the guy next to me about what I did for a living, veterinary medicine, and how much I love animals.

As I was about to board my plane he had one last question and it was,
"Are vaccinations really that important?"

As I was about to board my plane he had one last question and it was,
"Are vaccinations really that important?"

It's been a long debate asking are vaccinations harmful?
It's not just a battle in the veterinary world but in the human world as well!

(I would advise that you watch The Medicated Child that is available on Netflix if you're on the fence about human vacciantions)

So I'm sure you're wondering, what is my opinion on vaccinations...

My opinion is yes animal vaccinations are important, especially when your pet is a young! 
But keep reading.

Your puppy or kitten is very susceptible to these diseases. It's recommended your dog/cat go through the three sets of puppy/kitten vaccinations in their life.

Parvo is a disease that young puppies who are unvaccinated/under vaccinated can get and even die from! The main symptom is an extremely smelly diarrhea that sheds the virus and contains mucous and blood in it. Other symptoms include lack of energy and vomiting. 

Distemper is a neurological disease that since the economy has taken a dive we have seen a greater amount of cases.

These diseases can be found in the environment, especially in public places. So taking your dog to the dog park should only happen after the first two sets of shots have been given!

Other options for vaccinating.

There is a greater chance of a smaller dog having an allergic reaction to vaccinations later in life and other's are concerned with over vaccinating if our pets do not need it.

A great option if you do not wish to vaccinate your pet any longer is to titer those vaccinations.

So what this means is that your veterinarian will draw some blood from your pet and send it off to a lab. The lab will identify if your dog has a built up immunity to that disease still and to insure that the vaccination is still working!

This is exactly what they do for zoo animals such as a rabies vaccination in a tiger to make sure their vaccinations are still good.

Always make sure to check with your personal veterinarian and never be afraid to call and ask questions!

Thanks for listening and can't wait for a new video Wednesday at my youtube channel.
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