Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Healthy Kong Recipes!

We all want to make sure our dog is entertained and happy with a toy but what if our chew toy could relieve boredom, bring hours of entertaining, and be a healthy treat?

I introduce to you the 'Healthy Kong Recipes' Tutorial

My Video on Healthy Kong Recipes (Please skip to 2:20 for recipes)

You will need one kong toy for each recipe!

Fruit Salad:
Plain yogurt
Apple slices
1/4 banana

Orange Tastic:
Canned pumpkin
Sliced (baby) carrots

Article about 10 Fruits/Veggies thatt aid in your dog's nutrition. Click here for the article.

Kong Information

Kongs are a great toy! They not only are perfect chew toys but they are designed to put great treats and foods into them. Now especially in puppy hood kongs are going to be your best friend! This is going to be a fun interactive toy for your puppy to really work on to give him something to get his mind off his sore gums from his adult teeth coming in, to chew on, to think about, and to have a healthy option to snack on. Your dog is going to chew on this instead of your wooden kitchen chairs or shoes!

Toy Tutorial

We want to make sure that we get the correct size toy for our dog. Normally on the package it will say small medium large and selected breeds in those categories. We don't want too small of a toy that our dog can choke or or too big of a toy our pet can't even enjoy it to the fullest!. If a toy becomes too worn or starts to have pieces that are loose to where the animal will try to swallow them you should throw the toy away.

Toys that are like puzzles, ones that the dog really has to think to figure out. This is going to help the dog's mind develop. Problem solving. Dogs are very intelligent creatures. Consider your dog a two year old. You want to expose and teach them everything you can.
Show some mentally stimulating toys we have for puppy which include: Hide A Squirrel, Puzzle & Ball.
Keep favorite up for special occasions and may be used as a reward for training purposes which we will explain in later videos. (relay msgs even with your experience with this puppy.He likes this, he doesn't like that. chews one chew in an hour and it's gone.) Rotate your toys out. Every day your dog will get bored of the same old toys. Keep some up on certain days. Saves the dog from getting bored of all toys. Too many opinions if too many toys. Keep toys fresh.

Throughout your dogs life they will have a need to chew especially when they are a puppy and teething meaning losing teeth.
Mention we have a video all about teething and even tips on fun teething toys that can be applied to any age of dog.
Also there is a video about how to brush your dog's teeth which can be very useful! Explain we talk about teething and baby teeth in upcoming video. ***Yes it's important to brush your dog's teeth and to get chew toys for your pet!

If you would like to watch the video on this lesson click here. I have videos every Wednesday and blog posts daily!
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